Betty Wilson

New York City
Publisher, Writer
Literary Goals:
I want to keep writing and publishing my books until I can't because it's no longer fun. Right now, I'm having the best time of my life writing and publishing my novels.

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About Me

I’ve always been in love with books and the words in them. I just never thought I could create something with the words I knew. When I read ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird,’ I realized everyday experiences could be written about in a powerful, memorable way. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with that knowledge so I kept on reading. In high school and college, I discovered James Baldwin and Ralph Ellison and opened up a new world. Later on, I read a bit of Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Charles Chestnut, Langston and Zora. I fell in love with words all over again.

Walter Mosley’s short stories about Easy Rawlins and his friends encouraged me to start writing in earnest. I felt I had a story to tell…maybe several of them. I’d always kept a diary of some sort, scraps of paper, pocketsize, notepads, blank backs of agency forms, or in the margins of books that I loved. It was my habit to make these little notes to myself. I thought someday I’d like make them into a book.

I did write a workplace memoir based on the people I met during my 20 years as a property manager of city-owned buildings, entitled Mr. Jefferson’s Piano and Other Central Harlem Stories. Writing the memoir, led me to consider writing books that were not job-related. Once again, I did…producing my first three romance novels Safe Haven, Old Man Peterson and I’m Your Baby Tonight with African American lesbians as main characters in 2014.

I have since written and published an additional eighteen romance, adventure and mystery novels. I wrote and published them because I couldn’t find stories that matched who I wanted to read about …female, over forty, African-American and lesbian. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

All the best,

BL Wilson

Additional Information

I have three projects in the works. In the first one, I am writing about my personal life. Fishcreek Road is a childhood memoir of her family’s travels from racially diverse Akron, Ohio to integrating lily-white Stow Ohio at a time when the supreme court declared segregated public schools, illegal in American.

My second project is Tyson, a historical mystery with a romantic bent whose main characters are African-American lesbians. It takes place in the Harlem of the 1920’s and 30’s during the Harlem Renaissance before the Great Depression.

My third project is a series of Quick Summer Reads. These five novels are short, sweet, romantic fun reads that a reader can finish during a day at the beach. The titles are Forever Woman, Viva La Difference, Sculpture Gardens, Basement Apartment 4 Rent, and Here, Take This. Look for these five novels to be released between May and June of this year.

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