Jennifer Weiner

Martinsville, VA USA
Literary Goals:
Write more non-fiction books, get some fiction books out

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About Me

Jennifer Weiner is a published nonfiction author who also writes short stories. She has written poems since middle school, and enjoys many creative past times.
Jennifer has had many relationships- romantic, platonic and familial. Many failed, some drifted about and a few important ones still thrive today. She’s happily married to her amazing husband her supports her crazy “fictional” characters and other dreams. He’s her other half, fitting perfectly into her flaws and strong points.
Jennifer aspires to use her hard-learned lessons to help you navigate the often-uncharted waters of relationships of all types, including the one you have with yourself. She knows positive relationships enhance our lives while negative ones can destroy the very fabrics of our existence at times.
Jennifer’s current day job is as a customer service agent for a power company. She and her husband reside in Virginia, USA. When not writing or working the phones, she loves reading, designing various photo arts, playing MMORPGs, watching police/crime dramas, and daydreaming about all the best sellers in her future.

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