robert sparkman

Los Angeles, County
Literary Goals:
To write my 2nd novel

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About Me

Georgetown, South Carolina, is home, a small southern town on the coast 60 miles from Charleston, and 30 miles from Myrtle beach. I'm from a military family, my father was in the Army, so we did move around a bit. I served 4 years in the Army and 4 years in the Navy, as a Lieutenant. I’m also a graduate of the University of Houston, in Texas, class of ’84. I'm an avid runner, having run in 5 Los Angeles Marathons, and now live in Southern California with my family. Writing a novel has been a goal for the longest time, I finally embarked upon the trail towards achieving that goal, and am quite pleased with the result. Writing is an art form, and I wanted to learn as much about the art of writing as possible. I studied writing under the tutelage of the Long Ridge Writers Group, and read several books on the subject of writing, before and during the writing of my first novel: Prisoner Prodigal Pawn.

Additional Information

I wanted my first novel to be unique or different on some levels. For instance, the story doesn't take place in some grimy, big city, or in a small sleepy town. I chose Albuquerque NM for it's enchanting beauty, and since it's the hot air balloon capital of the world, I was able to use the Balloon Festival in a unique and exhilarating way. I wanted a diverse cast of characters to appeal to readers of varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds, looking for a new kind of protagonist to root for. In addition, the subplot takes a look at a phenomenon quietly sweeping across the Native - American landscape, that of tribal members who are being disenrolled (kicked off the reservation so to speak) due to – some would say— the greed associated with the success casino gambling on Native – American soil.

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