Trisha Sugarek

About Me

Trisha Sugarek has enjoyed a twenty year career writing stage plays, fiction, children’s books and poetry. In addition to over 40 stage plays, she expanded her body of work to include ten novels, of which seven are a series of true crime mysteries and four children’s books. She wrote three general fiction novels based upon her mother’s sisters. She has written a collection of ten minute plays for the classroom. Most recently she created four journal/handbooks (instructional) for writers. Her active blog encourages and helps other writers.

Trisha lives in Savannah, Georgia with a ridgeback hound, Miss Molly and her little sister, Gracie, and their two cats, Fiona and Barcode. All were rescued and adopted by Trisha.

Additional Information

I have written 45+ plays, full length and short, 10 minute ones. The ten minute plays are mostly focused on teen issues in real time. Written for the classroom with no need of sets, costumes or props. Designed to open dialogue between teens and educators. Full length plays are my total indulgence, writing about real life experiences from visiting a convicted murderer in prison, to my days in Hollywood, to the adventures of my mother and her seven sisters. I fancy myself a bit of a poet and have published three books of poetry. My children's plays gave birth eventually to children's chapter books and I am currently writing #5.

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