Terence Goodchild

launceston Tasmania Australia
Literary Goals:
just keep writing

About Me

I am an English writer born in Manchester in the north of England After travelling
through Europe for many years my wife and I came to Australia for a holiday in 1981 and found that we could live in this country, so we emigrated in 1988 to Melbourne, but now live in Tasmania. on our farm, in the Tamar Valley where we have four horses one rescue dog and one rescue cat
I have been writing for about 12 years, and have written 17 novels of fiction and about 100 poems that I may put in a book one day, I try and make my books somewhere the reader can escape to, and hope they enjoy my stories, I put in a few truths, just for spice to make it more interesting, and a few one liners, I would like to write full time if I could but will have to wait and see if my books capture someone’s interest. I put the characters in my stories of people I have met and places I have travelled to and write how I see things. I have had one book published in the UK named The Joker i2ipublishing.co.uk And 10 published by Amazon,

Additional Information

Terence J Goodchild born in the UK in Manchester in the north of England in a place called Higher Blackley. I Went to Moss house Secondary school, my first job was a cobbler for a company called Timpson’s but soon got sick of that, and then a friend told me about his uncle's company that worked in Construction so I joined, it was great the travel to all parts of the UK and Northern Ireland, meeting loads of people from different walks of life, then after ten years I had a bad accident and fell 85 feet off a building, nearly dying and being off work for two years I decided to change careers. I was always interested in cars, so started to work at a Ford dealership Called Oldham, Motor Company in a place named Oldham in Lancashire, where I worked as a warranty technician, on my many travels throughout Europe I and a few of my friends went to Spain before tourism flourished, it was there I fought a bull in a bullring, not for long, but I did the whole nine yards, held at gunpoint by ETA bandits in the mountains outside Madrid, have been a racing car driver among many of my episodes in life, then I met my wonderful wife Sandra, and came down to earth, We travelled in many countries over the years and had some great adventures together, I opened my own business refurbishing vintage cars and boats. We went to Australia for a holiday and decided this was the place to be. We emigrated, where I worked for Lada Cars in R-D, Mercedes Benz as production supervisor, Kenworth trucks as an interior fitter, and then to the Italian company Iveco as the parts Coordinator for the Asia Pacific region where I stayed for ten years and then came to Tasmania where I now live with my wife on our farm with our horses, and a dog. I have written 17 novels of fiction, and have had two books published, that are sold on Amazon, and Amazon Kindle in the UK, USA and Europe, they are sold in the UK through W H Smith, Waterstones, and Gardners. Foyle’s I love telling a story and hope the people who read them, get pleasure out of what I write, some are based on true people I have known throughout my life the names have been changed of course, and a few truths added for spice. I have not yet fulfilled my writing ambitions yet, although having two books published is kind of nice, and I hope people like them, mind you I have had about six five star reviews, for The Legacy of Tallow Manor published by Austin Macauley London. I would love to write full time as I love writing and telling stories

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