Stephen Smith

Waukesha, WI
Literary Goals:
Publish novels/short stories & sell feature-length screenplays

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About Me

Author. Screenwriter. Father. Active X-Men member back in the 90s (blue team). Candidate for The Fellowship until illness left me holed up in Rivendell. I love visual writing styles and exciting stories full of big battles, supernatural beings, explosions and stakes as high as they come. I'm a stickler for continuity, and my favorite stories are those that ladder up into expanded universes. I hope that my own writing will inspire others to wonder what's out there just beyond our perception, fighting to protect existence as we know it from the evils that defy explanation and yet still exist nonetheless. I'm also helplessly addicted to Mountain Dew and sourdough pretzels, and find it hard to write without them.

Additional Information

I studied Creative Writing at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and my first collection of short stories won the annual University Bookstore award of excellence my senior year. I worked for Tor/Forge books for two years as an editorial assistant, reading and writing up reports on potential acquisitions for publication. I moved to Los Angeles after graduation and studied screenwriting at UCLA. My screenwriting is now repped by Bellevue Productions and I have a slew of projects I'm working on at all times. That's all my night job. I spend my days working as a Senior Copywriter in the marketing department at Kohl's Department Stores.

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