Lisa Miller

Murray, Ky
Literary Goals:
I want to reveal the beauty and simplicity of Christ through my words.

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About Me

My family and I live in the beautiful state of Ky. I am an inspirational poet.
I tend to be an optimistic person. I believe writing is a language of the heart and is a beautiful way to share one's innermost feelings. I tend to be chatty so people are attracted to me. I am a friendly soul. I am married to a wonderful man . We have three children and foster girls. There are times I feel like I was born with a pencil in my hand since I am rather comfortable with words and stories. I wrote my first story at six years old and shared it at dinnertime. It was about a pencil and my writing just took off from there. I starting writing in a journal as a teenager. I started life as a military brat. My Dad joined the Air Force when I was six months old. So the world has been my playground/ home. This is where I learned to treat people with respect and I learned to accept myself. I come from a Christian family which means I have always been in Church. When I was 17 I had a personal encounter with Christ. Since then I have been on a journey to learn more about Him and myself. I enjoy writing, reading, blogging, photography, scrapbooking, social networking, walking. I have never met a library or used bookstore that I didn't like.
I want to encourage people through the written word with the help of the whispered power of The Holy Spirit I write about the beauty and simplicity of life. Through my writing I want to reveal the beauty of Christ. I listen for the Lord's direction and write what is put on my heart to encourage the lost and broken souls of the world. I have been told that my writings remind people of the Psalms of David. I am similar to Ruth Graham Bell and Helen Steiner Rice. I have finally come to realize my purpose in life is to write what is on God's heart and encourage them with it.

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