Long Island, New York
Literary Goals:
Establishing joyful readings

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About Me

My name is Ronald. Let me first take the time to say that I hope that you are well and that from very inspiring perspectives that life is looking up. I am a writer of mostly small books. I Like to write some that are general reading, some that are light comedy and romance, some that are poetry and short stories, some that I call light and complimentary literature, and some that are series.

Additional Information

As a writer, I look at the fundamental acknowledgments that could evolve through inspiring and easy reading. I know, if done rewardingly, it could be an uplift into the many realms of love, joy, friendship, growth, and opportunity. I am a writer of a lot of small books. My acknowledgments from these applications? I don’t want to take up too much of your time, but for the time that I do take up, I hope that you could have a good time. In my opinion, life is wondrous. It’s full of so many inspiring and joyful experiences. I would rather try to help inspire you to the furthering of what you hope could be exciting, rewarding and fruitful endeavors instead of hindering you from them. If you are a person who likes to read a lot, and someone who could joyfully get into reading more acquired from my publications, I know, as an author, I have successfully achieved my goal. And then, for the thoughts of more love and joy, I hope that we could do more.

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