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About Me

Christian author with a taste for science fiction and fantasy storytelling. This does not mean that my science fiction and fantasy books and short stories contain concealed witnessing. Rather, I write what I enjoy. Some of my stories may reflect certain aspects of Christianity. All of my stories refrain from the use of foul language. If I cannot write an engaging tale without littering it with fill-words, I will not write that tale.

In my early years, I published various stories in local magazines and other slick-backs. In recent years, I focused on earning a consistent income via the sell of Internet content to major industry leaders. As such, I have sold thousands of articles.

I am now retired; not in the sense of doing nothing, but rather in the order of changing my focus. I now write and self-publish science fiction and fantasy short stories and novels. Follow me on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/RM-Harrington/e/B01ENNOC0I


Additional Information

Dear reader. This is my promise to you: In my books and short stories, you will find adventure, excitement, suspense, new concepts and ideas, and perhaps even a bit of love interests. You will not find foul language. As a Christian, I see no need for such shock-effect writing.

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