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I am an Australian author and teacher and have published my first book, "Into the Cloud of Knowing" in 2020. I am married with children and have a strong Italian heritage. I am a seeker of truth and goodness in an often confusing world, and invite others to join on this journey of discovery through my work which I enjoy doing immensely.

Additional Information

Perth born author, Renato Antonio, is the son of Sicilian migrants. He was baptised Catholic in infancy but became serious about his faith after a conversion experience just before his 16th birthday. His desire to fathom the mysteries of faith and life has led him into the Cloud of Knowing; that place in which one meets, albeit in veiled form, God in our midst.

Reflecting on personal experiences and those of others whose stories have been the catalyst for deeper insight into life, suffering, death and the supernatural, Renato provides a heartfelt reflection on God’s presence in lives spanning nearly a century, in three continents.

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