Nicholas Guild

Frederick, MD
Literary Goals:
To write the best I can--and then learn to be better

About Me

Hello, I’m Nicholas Guild and I regard myself as a recovering academic. After earning a Ph.D. in English I taught for seven years before turning full time to writing. I have 13 novels on Amazon, almost all of them originally published commercially. I started out writing thrillers but in recent years have turned more to historical fiction, such as THE ASSYRIAN and its sequel THE BLOOD STAR, both of which were best sellers in Europe. My most recent publications were, BLOOD TIES, a detective novel, and THE IRONSMITH, an historical. THE SPARTAN DAGGER, another historical, will be coming out in December. I invite you to visit my website,, where you will find descriptions and sample chapters of all my novels, along with essays on literary topics. Join me on Twitter and subscribe to my newsletter by emailing me at Or just drop me a note if you want to shoot the breeze.

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