Mary Louise Davie

West Milford NJ
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A successful writing career

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About Me

My name is Mary Louise Davie and I want to share that I will be the first author in outer space....I want to but it is not true. I am a Hard Science Fiction author. Writer of the Sanacion series (Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission, Sanacion II: We Are the Aliens, Sanacion III: Remnants of the Dome, and coming soon - Target Earth: You Only See What You Want To). My career thus far has taken me to places that were an answer to a dream such as attending many NASA events, one of which was a TDRS launch and receiving 'full-access'. Touring with Wizard World, in addition to the too numerous to list conventions I have attended, giving presentations mostly of a NASA or science nature, having a presentation that was recorded and shows (with a five star rating!) on Con TV, and so much more I have absolutely loved every minute as a writing career is no longer sitting in the dark and writing but getting to go out and meet all sorts of people around the world and share with them what you love the most - for me, writing & science.

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