mohamad safan

Egypt, suez
Literary Goals:
to get my book red , known ,distbuted.

About Me

I am writing and have blogs .I write in adventure and fiction. I have blogs these deal with high character, honest, faith and freedom. I write stories, poems in love, history, sacrifice, and believe in God. I write stories and poems. They deal with good characters and honest. The holy thieves is relationship between man and his hope, his need. The holy relationship is only between man and his wife "lovely wife". The good faith is that gaining from inner, from heart with fearing of God. Believe in high power who is the God and responsible for that actions these face the mankind and all creatures makes the man being calm. The believe in high power gets the man looking for justice and try to establish it even he faced others who carries bad souls and thoughts. Establishing of right that beats the devil and bad forces and makes the earth greener. The relation between all nations must depend on justice, sharing the purposes not destroying or damaging weakens. The love of God must overlap any bad or devil's thoughts

Additional Information

i am writer . i have blogs as"" .That is for children. The other blog is "" that deals with love and actual life. i write as i love writing . i read poems and poetry. i love space" wide space as dessert , sky, fields and seas."
i believe that will get a day and love will govern the whole world. my books deals with good character and the love will overlap every worst.

My Books

(I currently have no books for sale online.)

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