Elaine Markowicz

Literary Goals:
to share my dream of writing with others

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About Me

I was born with passion to write! It's all I ever wanted to be. I'd rather sit in my room, writing than go outside and play with friends. At nineteen, I had to go out in the world and (shudder) work a nine to five job!!! What a waste of energy for a writer.
I eventually married and raised four sons. Somehow, I managed to write. Of course my kids may have gone hungry and the house had a layer of dirt, but I WROTE!!! Seriously, they survived and are adults and on their own. They also learned how to cook quite well. Guess they had to, right?
I published my first book in 1977; LONG before the internet and amazon.
I'm now an indie author with an extensive collection to my name. Even though I've written a few historical romances, my favorite genre to write is vampire and paranormal. You can find my books on my amazon author page https://www.amazon.com/author/elainemarkowicz.
I still reside in Philly with my hubby of 43 years and our three wonderful cats.

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