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Clearwater, Florida
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About Me

Born in Bogota, Colombia, second son of a Chilean/Colombian mother and American father I grew up in eastern Pennsylvania. In high school, I earned National Honor Society membership, quarterbacked the football team, and chaired the World Affairs Club. I was elected President of the Greater Philadelphia World Affairs Council High School Division in my senior year and appeared on radio and TV, and hosted regional conventions, in front of thousands.

Although accepted at Dartmouth College, I elected to attend Oakland University - considered the “Harvard of the Midwest” then - and was a Founding Member of Charter College there. I later studied applied philosophy and worked as a professional model in Manhattan. The William Morris Agency made me a generous stage and film offer in 1968, which I (naively) declined.

In 1969, I arrived in Los Angeles with a dollar and small change in my pocket and began a 39-year, sales/sales management career, easily earning Top Three in Sales status for each company represented, leading to my creation of a unique approach to sales and sales training and my first published book, "Sell Better Sell Easier Sell Anything Artfully."

In the 1970’s, I learned to draw and paint from Larry Gluck at Mission: Renaissance Art Academy in Los Angeles; to act from Fred Cook at the L.A. Academy of Dramatic Arts; and to write screenplays from Oscar-winner Ernie Lehman, among others. Several regional and national journals published my news articles and poems.

In the late 1980’s, I conducted marketing seminars in mainland China and Moscow, Russia, for non-profit organizations that sent me to 17 countries to perform public-speaking engagements at fund-raising events.

From 1990-2009, associated with an international marketing and production company, I earned Number One in Sales there for 18 years in a row, leading their growth from $200K annual to $11 Million annual sales.

Following my sales careers, in 2010 I turned to full-time writing of non-fiction and fiction books. I write and edit for paying clients; some ghostwritten.

Additional Information

My readers almost 100 percent have given me five-star reviews to date. I deliver more than what is promised, as a rule and my philosophy. I am interested in, and write in, several genres. I have at least five books in progress, and at least 8-9 already published.

I want a production deal for a TV Documentary or Feature Film of my biography of CHEF TELL>

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