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Jon Von Knight is a fellow soul on vacation in the physical world. He chose to incarnate on this beautiful planet earth now, during a great shift in the ages. If he knew what a challenge it would be, he might have reconsidered. But now that he has spent some time here, he realizes what an honor and privilege it is to live this glorious life. He is grateful to remember all of this and happy to know the best is yet to come for all of us. He loves helping others remember their connection to all that is through the art of the story. His words come from the heart and are inspired by the people he loves, the magic of the universe and Gaia, the soul of this abundant planet we call home. He is fascinated with sacred geometry, hidden history and the ancient mysteries of this world and beyond. He loves living close to water and jumps in whenever he can.
He is the author of Courage, Passion, Wisdom and Grace. A series based on the true story of an Angel on Earth who happens to be his life long friend. The uplifting message she delivers contains the keys to thriving during our shift to a new world.
The very message he writes about is the catalyst that sends the author himself on a soul- awakening journey. He is transformed by the story, a story that would not exist without the love and trust between Jon and his life long friend Sharon. They are soul family. For all of this he is forever grateful.
And so, another glorious journey begins.

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