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John was born in Southern England. After finishing his education in London and with three qualifications, he spent many years in the Chemical Industry, which took him to destinations throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. The frequent and long flights gave John’s interest in writing a chance to grow first with technical presentations at both national and international conferences around the world, and then later developing story lines for his novels. John moved to the USA in August 1998, arriving in Tampa, Florida. Tampa continues to be his home, where he lives with his wife, Cristy, and their two dogs. When asked about life, John states: “I have been lucky enough to travel around the world several times. To me, travel is knowledge. Where you go, and who you meet makes you who you are. My family, extended family, friends - all of them - makes this chapter in my life so meaningful. I am excited to embrace all the chapters still to come!” email

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Author of The Dark Hurts "How can just one day change so much in so many lives in the city of San Francisco? An 8.9 earthquake does not pick and choose its victims or survivors, some it takes, others it leaves to cope with the aftermath.
Tom Cousins was hurting both physically and emotionally. He was told several times that when you lose someone, you will always hold their love in your heart and their memory in your mind. Would memories be enough for Tom in the years that still lay ahead in his life? Would those he lost ever fade away and leave him or would he just live with his reoccurring dreams of his wife and children, in this dark and coldness? His life will never be the same - it couldn’t be. Tom, from his own injuries, would spend the rest of his life in the prison of his wheel chair, accompanied by the emptiness of his losses.
Tom needs to dig deep for his own inner strength to go forward each day, and with help from his family and friends, things do improve, but they never really get better. Tom finally finds something that gives him the comfort he needs from the dark inside of him… just where he least expects it!"

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