Myrtle Brooks

New York, N.Y.
Literary Goals:
Published Author of 2 Children, Birthing More

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About Me

Born in Manhattan, Author Myrtle Brooks spent her first two (formative) years in Jackson Heights, Queens, after which her family move upstate. This year marks her 27th year since her return to New York City and 21 years in the same apartment in her beloved Brooklyn.
When not at home, she may be found dancing with the big rigs on highways leading to national parks and places of quiet beauty.

Additional Information

My first published work, "The Geyser Girl of Yellowstone Park," Black Rose Writing, is a novel in the form of a fable. A child, adopted from infancy and raised by Old Faithful geyser and a mother buffalo, is raised with the stories, teachings and proverbial sayings of her elders. Growing up, she learns the meaning of giving back in return: in good times and in perilous. The theme is man's edification through nature's examples. Ages 10 through 110.
My second, "Songs to New York," also Black Rose Writing, is a collection of literary fiction short stories on extraordinary events which occur to everyday people in the five boroughs: my love affair with the Big Apple served in ten sweet slices. The core premise is what the city stands for: one does not need to be of a certain race, nationality or position to receive the gift of a miracle in the city of miracles.

My Books

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