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My name is Joshua Griffith and I'm a Native American Cherokee who loves to tell stories about the paranormal and the supernatural, but I tend to add a twist of humor to alleviate some of the inherent drama and suspense that can make my characters seem more relatable. I grew up in the small country town of Gans, located in eastern part of Oklahoma where I witnessed many strange and wondrous things that went bump in the night. I recently moved a few years ago to the Pacific Northwest and caught the writing bug in the city of Portland. As part of my path as a energy healer, I felt it would be good idea to incorporate some of my experiences in my books. As they say, there's always a hint of truth even in a good work of fiction so it's up to you to decide which is truth and which is hot air. I encourage you to come enjoy my stories and always have an open mind because these stories might be works of fiction, but ask yourself: Could this really happen?

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