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Massachusetts, USA
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Make writing a full time career

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Claire Gem was born in Brooklyn, New York, an only daughter wedged between three brothers. After her family relocated upstate, she attended Catholic elementary school before she was brutally cast into public Junior High. She married young and settled in Middletown, New York. Claire has also lived in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and Massachusetts. She’s had a jumbled assortment of jobs, ranging from a (very bad) waitress in Friendly’s restaurant, to a (slightly better) hairdresser, before further exploring her creative side to become a (pretty good) bridal gown designer. “I thoroughly enjoyed my training at the International Academy for Design, and loved working with the brides. But the stress associated with such a huge responsibility—that one, big day in a girl’s life—was overwhelming.” That’s when Claire turned to her keyboard to express her creativity.
Her first published pieces were nonfiction feature articles for magazines. It was while living in Aubrey, Texas that Claire got the call informing her she had won Whispers in The Woods’ creative writing contest for Graelem’s Song. “This piece was my first exploration of writing beyond nonfiction. Although the essay is loosely based on a real experience, I allowed my imagination to embellish the story of the relationship I developed with a family of hawks nesting behind our barn. Seeing my name on that piece in a glossy literary journal gave me the confidence to launch my fiction career.”

Claire married her childhood crush, Clark Brown, after he restored and repainted her crumpled Camaro. “I have an ill-fated deer to thank for meeting my husband. If she hadn’t leapt out in front of my car that night, Clark and I might never have been reunited after losing touch for seven years. But the doe gave her life for a good cause: after 38 years, we are still crazy in love.” Together they raised three children—a daughter and twin sons, and are now proud grandparents.
After a decade spent papering her office walls with 1000 rejection letters, Claire’s debut novel, Phantom Traces, was published by Soul Mate Publishing in 2015. Since then she has published three other novels in the romance genres of contemporary, paranormal, and romantic suspense. Her second paranormal/romantic suspense, Hearts Unloched, was selected a winner in the 2016 New York Book Festival.

The many facets of Claire’s life continue to provide her with endless inspiration for her next book. And since she lives the Happily Ever After, she writes it strong and true—and . . .~From the Heart~

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My paranormal/romantic suspense novel, Hearts Unloched, was named a winner in the 2016 New York Book Festival! I'm very excited to announce my first women's fiction, The Phoenix Syndrome, will become available September 29th, 2016. It is available for pre-order now.

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