Francis Nehilla

Literary Goals:
To have the public enjoy my work

About Me

I joined the Army in the mid 1970s when male and female training was just beginning to co-exist. This challenging adventure inspired me to think outside the box and not conform to established stereotypes. I continued my military career for seven years, culminating in my assignment as a drill sergeant in the late '70s to early '80s. This was no easy task considering this field was dominated by men.
Since leaving the military, I have enjoyed a career working for the Defense Department and am now retired. My husband and I live in a rural area with our menagerie of animals.

Additional Information

First time writer and am very proud of my work. There are some grammatical and spelling errors that were not captured during the editing process, and I hope this does not interfere with the story. I would like some honest reviews of my book. I'm thinking about writing a sequel, but do not know if there is enough interest. I have some ideas of where to take the main character, Elaine.

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