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E.G. Weeks is a native of Long Island New York but she has been living in Florida for the last twenty five years. Elaine has been an avid reader all her life. She and her father shared their love for books and she shares that love with her own grown children. She discovered a love for writing not very long ago when she began writing poetry and short stories but found she needed more of a challenge and turned to writing novels. Her genre of choice is contemporary romance.

Elaine writes specifically with the 40+ year old woman in mind. She also enjoys writing short stories, inspiration and poetry that touches the lives of mature women who experience life's changes. Her hope is to remind them that they are beautiful, sensual beings, no matter their age or station in life. She does not believe that life is not over at some magical number. Women over forty do not have to be relegated to the porch rocking chair or the senior center just because the AARP card came in the mail. Being old is a state of mind but being bold is also a state of mind. We can choose our own destiny.

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