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I write to entertain myself. If it entertains you the more the better.

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About Me

I use a pen name for my fun writing because the people in my profession would be appalled to find out that I write soft core romance for personal entertainment. I have six books under my real name out there on Amazon. All of them are published by big Houses. And all of them are absolutely boring unless you are a stone nerd.
A couple of years ago I started contributing short stories to one of “those” amateur sites. And I consistently score very high in the reader feedback. So I am beginning to get the idea that there might be some opportunity for me in the world of fiction.
I currently have a number of romance/travel books under this pen name on Amazon. They actually move quite well for self-published work. But I am certain that they could do better with professional advice. I have a day job. And I have never thought about publishing fiction. So I am a total novice when it comes to that aspect of the book trade. I was hoping to get guidance from people who have been-there-and-done-that. That is the reason why I have joined this site.

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