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D.E. Morris has been a sci-fi/fantasy geek since he first flew down the Death Star trench with Luke and trudged the weary road to Mordor with Frodo.

One of his earliest and most memorable presents was a large book, bound with a red hard-cover and filled with empty pages. His mother told him that this book was for him to write all his ideas. He spent many happy hours leaning against their house's heat vent and writing his imaginative fantasy tales.

D.E. did not grow up with a television and has been a voracious reader from a young age, as books became his entertainment. He had read "The Lord of the Rings" by the fifth grade and continued on with authors such as Lloyd Alexander, John Christopher, and Terry Brooks. During high school, he was one of the few students who didn't groan when a creative writing project was assigned or one of the "classics" given to the class to read.

Current influences include Douglas Adams and Steven Moffat (as well as being an obsessive Doctor Who fan).

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