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About Me

I was born and raised in a village where our family home had a panoramic view of Windsor Castle, the M4 motorway and the twin towers of the Mars factory. So there was lots to see whilst standing up on tiptoes and looking through the skylight.

As any other child growing up in the 80s my toy collection consisted of Star Wars figures. I would imagine different storylines, and like a movie producer I would use the figures as my props to act out the scenes.

When I discovered football (soccer), I would spend hours kicking a ball around the lawn. Even though it had bare patches I imagined it was Wembley Stadium, and the knee-height wall acted as my goalpost. In order to save the family garden, I was enrolled into a youth team, where I received a wake up call to be playing against better players. So I trained harder. My improvement was recognized in award ceremonies, as voted by the manager and the players.

Bringing my sporting mentality into my working career, I relocated to Wiltshire, where I live with my wife and our family of mischievous cats.

In my spare time I enjoy reading and writing about stories that are gripping and imaginative.

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