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Silverton, Colorado
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Write a best selling novel.

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About Me

Grew up in Minnesota. BA in English from the University of MN where I studied with Alan Tate. Peace Corps Volunteer high school teacher in Malawi. Learned French at the University of Grenoble. Graduate degrees from Howard Univ. and Michigan State Univ. Taught at MSU, the College of Charleston S.C., the Universities of Zambia and Malawi where I was a Fulbright Professor. Intel Analyst for the U.S. Army Special Operations Command at Ft. Bragg, N.C. Currently divide my time between Silverton, Colorado, and Thailand. Enjoy running, hiking, snowshoeing and skiing in the San Juan Mountains. Writing, eating Thai food and exercising make me happy.

Additional Information

Published two non-fiction books about long distance trail running - Beyond the Marathon. The Grand Slam of Trail Ultrarunning and Hardrock Fever. Running 100 Miles in Colorado's San Juan Mountains. Self-published two novels set in the small mining town of Silverton, Colorado - The Chinese Laundry and Silverton Burning. The Chinese Laundry is about intolerance - a Chinese laundryman and his relations with the white community in the 1890's. Silverton Burning is a contemporary novel about a part-Ute Indian environmental activist and arsonist hiding out from the feds in a small town. Also self-published two thrillers - Zambezi River Bridge takes place in Zambia and Rhodesia during the Zimbabwe liberation struggle and Red Star Over Pattaya is set in Thailand's number one sex tourist destination and features an aging American private detective and his Thai sidekick battling Russian thugs. My books are sold on amazon and kindle. Any agents or publishers willing to take a chance feel free to contact me.

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