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Get people interested in Slavic mythology.

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Ronesa Aveela is a freelance artist and writer who lives near Boston, MA. She likes writing mystery romance inspired by legends and tales. In her free time she paints. Her artistic interests include the female figure, Greek and Thracian Mythology, folklore tales, and the natural world interpreted through her eyes. Ronesa visited Emona and the Black Sea in 1998. She was inspired to use her brushes and pen to depict the beauty of Mystical Emona and the characters, born from the experience she had in this mystical place. Her novel “Mystical Emona” was presented at the Boston University School of Global Studies in October 2014 and sparked a lot of interest.

Additional Information

For centuries, myths and legends of the Thracians, Slavs, and Bulgars have been intertwined into one. With the conversion of Bulgaria to Christianity, pagan deities gradually merged with images of saints and other mythological creatures. Ancient lore and myths were passed by word of mouth from generation to generation until they reached us. These myths, legends, and folk rituals are a valuable spiritual heritage and are described in Ronesa Aveela’s books available on Amazon. You can learn more about them and see reviews from readers on her author page:

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