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Dr. Faramarz Ashenai Ghasemi started his career as a satirist with Donyayaye Varzesh (Sports World) magazine. His first writing was published in 1986 when he was just 18 years old. Then, he worked for Fokahiyon (Humors) and Khorjin (Saddlebag), two other Iranian magazines. In 1993, he started working at Gol-Agha (Flower-man) magazines translating some short articles. Almost subsequently, he translated stories by Art Buchwald, the famous American satirist, into Persian. Then, he started to write columns rich in irony for Gol-Agha. Some of his famous columns were: Tanz-e-Daneshjooie (Student Satire), Sokhan-e-Zharf (Profound Words), Shahr-e-Hert (Chaos City), Namayeshnamehhaye Comedy-Dram (Comedy-Drama Plays), Majarahay-e-Pedar-e-Dana (Adventures of a Sage Father), and Tanz-e-Varzeshi (Sport Comic). He received a memorial plaque on the First Press Festival in Iran back in 1994. After the green revolution took place in Gol-Agha (1995-1996), he set out to work for some other magazines and newspapers such as Ettela’at (Information), Tanz-e-Parsi (Persian Satire) and Rooz-e-Haftom (Seventh Day). He also collaborated with Khabar-e-Jonoob (South News) newspaper under his own real name. Furthermore, he was one of the writers and actors of a TV show called Salam Ashena (Hello Familiar). Most recently, he has gathered an anthology of his works in a book, titled “Humorous-Satirical Works”.

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