April Obrien

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I write in movie. When you read or hear one of my books, it is like you are watching a movie. I lead you in, captivate you and always leave you wanting more. Never a dull moment, my life has been as captivating as any movie. I truly believe I survived my life to write about it. My autobiography "April was here" is shocking and exciting. "It doesn't get dark until Midnight" is an action packed adventure of life and death survival in the Alaskan wilderness. "ENTER (at your own risk) is a psychological thriller that will make you think twice about ever entering another contest. Flow through the mind of a serial killer from the beginning of his rampage to the best ending ever. All of my books read like liquid excitement.

Additional Information

I am a born artist. I painted the pictures that grace the covers of my books. Although I have lived almost everywhere in this country, I live in the Mountains of Colorado and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. An Irish - American Indian, curly, red headed, southern girl, with a fiery personality to match. Very happily married for 40 years, I still don't feel that old. Love life and know how and why to appreciate it. I guess I am an all around interesting person.

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