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Ryan Bartek is a writer and musician from The United States, born & raised in Metro Detroit and now living in Portland, Oregon. At 35 years old he is the author of 6 books. He is the head of Anomie Press, an upstart book company with 3 titles, Anomie PR, a PR firm servicing 1500+ niche markets worldwide, and Anomie Inc, his digital record label.

Known for his journalism in the metal/punk undergrounds due to his books and work for mass-market magazines & respected webzines, R. Bartek is widely known as a traveling writer who has toured the USA & Europe extensively gathering material for his output and promoting his works as Free Downloads, handing out 1000’s of flyers and CDs in every major USA city & EU capitol.

Releasing his major books “The Big Shiny Prison (Volume One)” [2009] and “Fortress Europe (The Big Shiny Prison Vol II)” [2012] as Free PDF’s proved to be highly successful, with each book surpassing 40,000+ downloads and creating a niche global readership.

Major online news services & print magazines abroad promoted both these books, including Blabbermouth, Fangoria, Terrorizer, Metal Maniacs, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Hails & Horns, Metal Underground, MetalRules, Metal Forces + dozens of other highly respected webzines, fanzines & blogs.

2016 offers the publishing world The First Print Editions of both these books, as well as the upcoming autobiographical memoir “Anticlimax Leviathan” out on 11/15/16. All three of these 6x9 Paperbacks are available through Anomie Press for $18.95 / €18 through the Ingram Spark/LSI distribution network -- available at 55% wholesale discount to chain retailers in USA & Europe. All books will be on the systems of 38,000+ booksellers worldwide with additional distribution through Amazon USA, Europe & UK.

Ryan Bartek is also a musician from a number of bands with small “cult” followings including Vulture Locust, A.K.A. Mabus, Sasquatch Agnostic. He is also a spoken word artist and performs Outlaw Acoustic/AntiFolk under the alias "The REAL Man In Black." Currently he is vocalist of Portland Oregon’s metal/punk band Crime Machine, which are slated to tour Europe throughout October 2016. Bartek will be promoting his books heavily on this campaign, as he will be doing on all upcoming tours throughout 2017 and beyond.

Bartek was born and raised in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, Michigan. From an early age Bartek was involved in art, video production, music and literature, playing in a number of local bands as well as promoting events.

By 2001 he began his journalism career at Real Detroit Weekly, a newspaper with a circulation of 75,000 per week. Starting as an intern, he eventually became the Chief Political Correspondent while simultaneously covering the local punk, metal, industrial and rock scenes in his infamous column "Mentality of One." From 2001-2005, Bartek expanded his journalistic output to a host of major publications including Metal Maniacs,

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“The Silent Burning” (2005)

“To Live & Die On Zug Island” (Unreleased)

“The Big Shiny Prison (Volume One)” (Print Edition Out 2/16/16)

“Fortress Europe (The Big Shiny Prison Vol. II)" (Print Edition Out 3/15/16)

"Return To Fortress Europe (BSP III)" (Ongoing Serial)

“Anticlimax Leviathan" (Print Edition Out 11/15/16)


Vulture Locust "Command Presence" LP (2015)

A.K.A. MABUS “Lord of The Black Sheep” (2006)

Sasquatch Agnostic “Complete Mammalography” (2010)

The REAL Man In Black - "GhostNomad Lives (Best Of)" (2016)

The REAL Man In Black “The Real Man In Black” (2010)

The REAL Man In Black “ANTiVOLK” (2011)

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