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Enter An Ancient World 

Zara Altair combines mystery with a bit of adventure in the Argolicus Mysteries, based in southern Italy at the time of Ostrogoth rule.

Italians (Romans) and Goths live under one king while the Roman Empire is ruled from Constantinople.  At times the cultures clash, but Argolicus uses his wit, sometimes with help from his tutor Nikolaos, to provide justice in a province far from the King’s court.

Zara Altair lives in Beaverton, Oregon. Her approach to writing is to present the puzzle and let Argolicus and Nikolaos find the solution encountering a bit of adventure and some humor in their search. Her stories are rich in historical detail based on years of research. Zara is working on a historical novel Felix Ravenna: A Mosaic set in the same time period, once again, with Argolicus as the main character. To get on the reader list for Argolicus fans go here (copy and paste to your browser).

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