Janine Purvis

(Planet Earth)
Reader, Writer
Literary Goals:
To entertain and impact my readers with engaging characters and stories.

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About Me

As an adolescent, I loved to read. I spent many summers sitting under a walnut tree reading my favorite young adult novel. In my late teens, I started Death-Talk Silence (differently named at the time) but put it aside for several years. A few years ago, I added finishing it to my bucket list. I am currently working on my second YA novel. I work as a clinical social worker, have an amazing daughter and loving husband, and reside in the Midwest.

Additional Information

I love listening music, singing and traveling. I am learning to play guitar and have found you can teach an old dog new tricks. I love history and have many ideas for historical works. When not writing or doing an activity listed above, I enjoy researching my family history.

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