Shampa Sharma

(That's a Secret.)
(Planet Earth)
Literary Goals:
To write a few more books on Soulmates

About Me

I was born in Kerala, South India. My fascination for flowers and greenery since my childhood led me to study Botany for three years. My interest in English Literature saw me doing post-graduation in the subject. I then took courses in Secretarial work and Journalism. I have worked as a Personal Secretary, as a teacher at the high school level, as a Head Faculty in a spoken English institute and have headed the Department of Mass Communication at the college level.
The diverse experiences in the various fields which catered to interacting with children, youth and adults alike led me to study life deeply. I also found, in surfing the internet, a source of knowledge and information, and quenched my thirst and curiosity in knowing about topics ranging from health and medicine to past life and reincarnation, astrology and astronomy, social issues, current affairs and hobbies alike. My love for travelling and meeting new people has seen me visit most of the states within India, some of the neighboring countries as also several places in Europe and the South East Asia.
When I decided to pen my book, it was love and the beauty of love that I chose to write about. How does love fare between the known and the unknown, the reality and the imagination, the indulgences and the misapprehensions in a long distance connect? Is only love ever enough in any relationship? I do believes that faith, trust and understanding are just as important.

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