Robert Cales

Florida, USA
Literary Goals:
Gain exposure for my three paranormal thrillers

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About Me

At the moment of my birth a malfunction occurred in the cosmic brain wiring and programming station. As a result all of my strengths were downloaded to my imagination file. That imagination is very good at constructing thought provoking stories with only minimal input from me. These stories are then metered out to me in the form of movie clips.

In short, that's my writing process, I tell the stories created by my imagination, but it goes a little deeper than that. Sometimes I goof, take a wrong step in the story, something threatening to its masterplan. When it happens I'm hit with persistent writer's block. No more movies. I'm adrift. Nothing helps except finding and correcting the problem I created. When the correction is in place the movies begin again and the story flows.

There are times when I'm surprised or even shocked by the actions and dialog of my characters, but I know better than to tamper with the process.

Each of my novels are stand-alone stories, but as I was completing the third one I was shocked to discover that all three stories fit together like puzzle pieces.

My skill as a writer flourished in my second and third novels. My next work is the rewriting of my original novel so that it better reflects the skill set I've developed.

Horror writer is a label I embrace, but I will be the first to admit that I don't write horror. The horror genre has a tendency toward plot driven stories with little character development, and believe me, when the first zombie shows up the whole meeting-new-people goes right of the window. I write paranormal thrillers that are character driven.

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