R. Frederick Riddle

Port Charlotte, FL
Book Production, Publisher, Reader, Writer
Literary Goals:
Reach tousands with Good Christian Books

About Me

I began my writing career in 2003 with the publishing of my first novel: Refuge: The Genesis Record with AuthorHouse. I have since written Adam's Chronicles (AmericaStarBooks), Perished: The World That Was (AmericaStarBooks), The Rise of Shem (AmericaStarBooks), So You Want To Write? (T&R Independent Books), and Did You Know About Bible History (T&R Independent Books).
In addition, my wife and I founded T&R Independent Books for the purpose of publishing and marketing our own books. The only authors featured will be R. Frederick Riddle and Tress Riddle. T&R Independent Books also hosts T&R Academy, which includes Authors Academy, Bible Academy (future), Church Academy (future), and more.

Additional Information

With my extensive writing career (over 13 years) and marketing know-how, I became the founder and teacher at T&R Academy. Authors Academy is an attempt to reach and teach new writers and existing writers the fundamentals of writing, publishing, and marketing.

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