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I already have around 30 novels - maybe my goal is to slow down my feverish brain a little!

About Me

Roy Lester Pond’s depth of knowledge as a writer of fiction on Egypt comes from a lifetime spent studying ancient Egypt and Egyptian archaeology. He and his wife Brenda have been to Egypt on numerous research trips. Roy is fascinated by the mystery of ancient Egypt and its potency and relevance for today’s world. ‘The Smiting Texts’ was his first archaeological thriller, followed by a series featuring renegade Egyptologist Anson Hunter, as well as other stand-alone adventures. Roy spent much of his life in Africa and now lives in Australia where, as an advertising Creative Director, he wrote internationally recognised campaigns for various causes, charities and brands. "Writing fiction was my second job in the beginning. Now it's my second career." Roy Tweets regularly about Egypt and adventure fiction writing under the Twittername “Egyptsnippets”.

Additional Information

I have now written the biggest range of ancient-Egypt based titles by a single author in the world (as well as a few more titles under other names!). I write as ROY LESTER POND for adults and as ROY POND for young readers. (AMAZON paperback, but MOST on AMAZON KINDLE.)
Author's blog: "Ancient Egypt Fiction&Fact:"
Twitter: "Egyptsnippets"

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