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North Okanagan BC
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Literary Goals:
To one day write a World Best Selling Novel! Finish my Sixth Novel in 2018 Finish the White Lion Trilogy and the SHURIK'EN Super Ninja Series!

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I am a Creative, Author, Creator, Screenwriter in the Sci-Fiction, Action Thriller Genres I started writing as an Indie Author in 2004 and have since wrote Five Novels I am writing also Two Series the Shurik'en Super Ninja series which is Five books and the White Lion Trilogy. Past Novels Shurik'en I 2005, White Lion Heart 2010, Shurik'en Super Manga Take Down in Nicaragua 2012, Shurik'en II 2015 and Shinobi Secrets Decoded! 2016. Presently I am working on the Second Book in the White Lion Trilogy! TBA see all digital products at

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