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Jim is a superb presenter. His book, 'White Mocs on the Red Road' describes the value systems developed in Native American cultures many years ago. These values are as valid today as they were when originally embraced.

Jim spent 32 years of his career in the property and casualty insurance business. He sold his general insurance agency in 2003 to devote all his time to Native American Cultural work. For the past twenty five years he has dedicated his life to learning and sharing Native American cultural knowledge given to him by Elders of the Ojibwa/Chippewa tribes. He has presented programs for schools, colleges and communities throughout the Northeast and Canada. He also works on programs with Native American tribes to re-introduce traditional teachings to Native American communities in the Northeast and Canada. Jim is connected with tribal leaders in many areas of the United States and Canada and well respected for his knowledge and sharing of his work.

His white heritage is enhanced by ancient teachings we all once had. He walks a red road in order to better understand the original teachings of all people.

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Resolved to make available to all people an understanding of Native American people living in a traditional way. Efforts are intended to assist in a movement of the traditional teachings to help all people live a balanced life

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