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About Me

Nancy M Bell is a proud Albertan and Canadian. She lives near Balzac, Alberta with her husband and various critters. She works with and fosters rescue animals. Nancy is a member of The Writers Union of Canada and the Writers Guild of Alberta. She has publishing credits in poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. For the past three years she has been invited to read her poetry at the Stephan G Stephansson House event Poetry at Stephan’s House.

Additional Information

Nancy wrote her first stories while in grade school they were entitled White Lightning and Trails of Life and scribbled by hand. In high school, she continued to write and had poems and short stories published in the local newspaper.
Marriage and children occupied her twenties, but she continued to write when time permitted. Nancy has worked in the agriculture sector for most of her working life. She has run a boarding stable for horses, taught riding lessons, and worked as a buyer for a mushroom growing co-operative, graded and selected malting barley at a high through-put grain elevator near Carseland, AB, and as an Administrator in the Energy and Raw Materials department of a large fertilizer company in Calgary, AB.
A riding accident in 2005, forced her into early retirement, but Nancy is not one to stay still for long. The enforced curtailment of her career outside the home enabled her to take up her first love. In 2010 her first YA novel, Laurel’s Miracle was released by MuseItUp Publishing, it was followed by the second book in her Cornwall Adventures series, A Step Sideways in 2011 which was a finalist in the OKRWA IDA awards. Nancy’s first romance novel, Christmas Storm was released in 2012 and the novel was a finalist in the 2012 OKWRA IDA awards.
Research for the novels takes up a great deal of her time. The Cornwall series is Urban Fantasy. The underlying structure of the plot rests on the influence the earth energy lines play in the story line. Earth Energy Lines are not to be confused with Ley Lines. While the two are related, they are very different in character. In September of 2013 Nancy and her husband travelled to Cornwall, UK and had the opportunity to dowse the spot where the Earth Energy Lines enter Cornwall and form a node at Carn les Boel. The spot is a high rocky promontory which in unremarkable unless one is sensitive to the energy. This is the start of the now famous Michael and Mary lines discovered by John Michel late in the 20th century that cross SW England from Cornwall to East Anglia. In the process of the research, Nancy made many wonderful friends, one of which was Hamish Miller, a well-known dowser, speaker, and founding member of Parallel Community.
Nancy also studies Celtic myths, legends and esoteric things connected with the ancient Celts. This influence is clearly visible in her writing, especially in the Cornwall Adventures series. These books are what she likes to call edu-taining. The story and characters hold the reader’s interest while introducing the existence of earth energy lines and ancient sites in a way that she hopes will excite interest and perhaps encourage her readers to visit these places themselves.

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