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About Me

I was born in Stratford, Essex in 1952, and raised in nearby Leyton, developing a lifelong interest in literature from an early age. Writing is the only activity that gives my life meaning.
My favourite book is a dictionary and I often find joy with the correct placement of a single word. I am noted for including 'easter eggs' in much of my work and I delight in incorporating coincidences and parallels from our real world.
A polymath, transgendered, shy, slightly synaesthete with a predilection for the supernatural since childhood, and now reclusive, as of the summer of 2018, I am writing my 61st novel.
I am officially a best seller, being the 94th 'most read' on Amazon. And recently was informed that my portrait, as a transgendered writer, is now hanging in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and is now a part of the museum's permanent collection.
A lifelong migraine and panic sufferer, my work reflects the subterranean, saturnian, plutonic, spiritual, solar and luna aspects of human existence as I continuously attempt to understand our world. A lifelong fascination with time, abandonment, love and death are four qualities which motivate me.

Additional Information

My novels consisting of, drama, fantasy and true life (as of September 2018) are as follows:

The Morrow Family of Newgate Street, 1939-1940-1941-1942-1943-1944-1945-1966.

Novels in Molly’s best selling Miriam series are:

Percy and Bert—A Miriam Story
Miriam’s Early Years
A Year In Holloway
Miriam’s War
Miriam’s Family Life
Miriam’s Silver Years Part One
Miriam’s Silver Years Part Two
Miriam’s Golden Years
Miriam’s Last Years
Miriam’s Presence at Christmas
Peter and April
Miriam’s Family Blitz

Molly’s other novels (not in order)

Daffodils in Autumn
Alien Queens 1
Alien Queens 2
Alien Queens 3
Alien Queens 4
The Herb Girl
Carry on Corsets
Seven Sisters
The Angel from the Sea
Saturn’s Return
Stronger Than War
The Christmas Eve Ghost
Bad Girl
The Cornish Wheel
The Tragic and Transgendered World of Margaret Allen
The Detective
Edith Thompson-Executed
Dark Man
Waterleigh Nursing Home
The Mystery of Bleak House
Lies, Secrets and Infidelity
The Angel, the Coward and the Parasite-A Faerie Tale?
The House In Carter Lane
The Chemist’s Son
The Soul In The Machine
Holloway, House of Correction
The Appearance of the Woman
The Atwall Twins
The Chronologically Challenged Funeral Director
The Bitter Rose and the Thorn
Observing the Dead
A Housewife's Revenge
I was left in 1871

My Books

(I currently have no books for sale online.)