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Literary Goals:
To get published with a publishing house and no longer be self published.

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About Me

I'm a Theology and Sociology major who hails Southern Oregon, along with my husband and three daughters. I came out as transsexual in August of 2014, and haven't looked back. I've spent a good portion of my life denying who I am inside, and it was begining to do both physical and psychological damage. My family and friends have been wonderful, and are helping me through my transition one step at a time.

I graduated from seminary with a Masters of Divinity in 2013, and am set to graduate with an Associate of the Arts in Sociology in the fall of 2015. After that, I'm hoping to move on to get either my Bachelors or my Masters in Sociology.

While my life might not look all that busy to an outsider, I find that even when sitting still, I am on the move. I am constantly coming up with new ideas, or trying to figure out some new recipe or plan for dealing with my kids. Though I have to say, I'm still not sure what keeps me busier: school, the girls, my overly attached cats, or the ferret who has developed military precision when it comes to escaping her cage.

I am best known for my series, The Memories Trilogy, as well as several articles on religion and several small poems that have been published in small anthologies. I also run a YouTube channel under one of my "personas".

Additional Information

On November 30th of 2013, I took 2 state records and two gold medals for Powerlifting; proving that one can have brains AND strength.

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