Gilles Morand

Lery,Qc, Canada
Literary Goals:
Health & ecologic awareness

About Me

A little bit of me
My debut as an author dates from 1982, with my first book Massage For All - which sold more than 30,000 copies in French and was further translated into Italian.

ORTF Radio France was kind enough to interview me with the participation of Marcello Chiocchio, a radio presenter, well known at the time. Quatre-Saisons television also made me look at one of their shows, Bonjour TQS in 1989.
Interview in french of 2016:

With my work, I managed to make myself known, as worldwide accounting and book sales amounted to more than two hundred thousand copies. One could definitely classify these books in Qu├ębec as best sellers.

Additional Information

From 1988 to 2011, I worked full-time in a hospital. However, my concern for the preservation of health, prevention and treatment of diseases is ancient. This already made 40 years of working in the field of alternative, natural and holistic medicine. Massage Therapist and author, I worked with dance companies and theater members in various sports centers, medical centers and spas. I also gave two university courses on massages. I was recorded as early as 1990 in the international esoteric encyclopedia. A few TV interviews from 1982-2016, where I spoke about the big transition happening actually on earth and beyond and explained the Mayan civilisation spiritual heritage.

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