Mark Patrick

Literary Goals:
To write novels that interest, intrigue, fascinate and entertain my readers.

About Me

I was born in Witney, Oxfordshire, (UK), too many years ago to mention without embarrassment, and suffered through the usual childhood problems of mumps, measles, and miserable schooldays.

My father worked for the government and changed his workplace frequently. The constant changes made me wary of making friends: if you don't have close friends, you don't get hurt when you have to leave them. Now, I still find making new friends difficult.

I worked in the area of photography, in London, then moved to Spain after my marriage. There, my wife and I established a successful language school in Andalusia. After many years, I am now concentrating more on my passion – writing.

Additional Information

I love music - Classical, jazz vocal and practically anything that has some sort of melody. I can't get on with rap, heavy metal or techno. Politics fascinate me: the striving of self-important thieves for power has an ironic twist which catches my fancy.

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