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About Me

Margie Walker is a graduate of Texas Southern University, earning a Bachelors and Masters of Arts in Speech Communication. Following a short stint at Colorado State University, with an interest in radio/television, she most recently studied anthropology at the University of Houston.

She has held a number of positions in the communications field from Program Director at KTSU, editor with the Houston Defender, and adjunct professor in the TSU School of Communications. Writing is merely an extension of her love for communications.

A published author, Margie celebrates the fruition of ideas and characters beginning with LOVE SIGNALS in 1991 under the now defunct Marron Publishers, followed by with nine novels and four novellas published in romance, romantic suspense and mystery to include the latest STOLEN MOMENTS.

Walker has been busy studying another writing form, movie shorts and screenplays. Her first attempt IN BLOOD ONLY, title of both a short and ebook, follows the story of Layla Griffin and Homicide Detective Paul Diamond who originally appeared in REMEMBER ME. The short film can be see on In 2012, her first competitive short screenplay “TRYIN TIMES” won at the Tribeca Film Festival, which she later produced. It’s in post production. Meanwhile, Walker is working on the second Marcia Chennault-McKissack mystery and readying for the 2016 Austin Film Festival where her short screenplay PLUM BLOSSOM is a “Second Rounder.” Festival judge wrote: “Our readers thought that your script had an interesting concept, that was refreshing and unique!”

Additional Information

Listening to AfricanAmericanClassicalMusic (jazz), reading mysteries, playing card games and going to the museums from natural science to fine arts with my granddaughter are among the things that give me great joy.

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