Martyn Chapman

Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Literary Goals:
Keep writing

About Me

I was conceived in South Wales and graduated in Marketing at the University of Central Lancashire. I live in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.

My passion to write has always been a huge part of my personality, but like a petrified cross-dresser, I vowed to hide my shocking secret from family and friends. I hand-wrote an experimental novel in a student bedsit, my shame concealed behind a row of soggy pants that were strategically draped across a rickety old clothes horse. Yet concealing my depravity from family and friends brought even darker periods of frantic deception. The terror of being discovered at my personal computer with a frozen screen, led to my subtle distraction of wearing obscure and decorative bonnets, but as fashions changed, I was forced to find another writing sanctuary. Like a deranged mid-wife, I emerged from my garden shed covered in cobwebs, creosote and potting soil, and my first intriguing book was born.

Additional Information

I write contemporary fiction, mostly psychological crime thrillers with a dark comic twang, overshadowed by some diverse and intriguing human characters. I like to experiment with the literary genres. My first two novels are very different in feel and subject matter ('Hormones and Crumble' and 'Hassle Castle'), and I have just published a much gentler short story ('Christmas on The Law'). My next book 'Saving Worms' will be a romantic comedy and will be available shortly.

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