Michael Allan Scott

Scottsdale, Arizona
Literary Goals:
Entertain readers

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About Me

I learned to read for knowledge and for the sheer joy of it. To this day, I’m a voracious reader. Mostly, it’s what inspires me to write. I’ve written nearly a million words. And like my foray into music and photography, most of the early stuff is garbage, simply learning my craft. For me, learning is a journey that I expect will never end. I continue to practice, to hone my skills, to perfect my abilities. The more I write, the better I get, and the more I enjoy writing. It often reminds me of jazz improvisation. Entertaining others with a good story is a gas. I love it and I hope you enjoy reading my work.

Additional Information

Born and raised at the edge of the high desert in Kingman, Arizona, Michael Allan Scott resides in Scottsdale with his wife, Cynthia and their rescue Doberman, Roxie. In addition to writing mysteries, thrillers and speculative fiction, his interests include music, photography, art, scuba diving and auto racing. For the latest, please visit http://michaelallanscott.com.

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