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I graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1970 and served an enormously rewarding career as a Naval Aviator flying Hercs, serving on carriers, going to a lot of interesting and exciting places. In 1990 I retired , but transitioned to engineering, where I established an unusual reputation as an engineer who could write coherently. I did a lot of technical writing and started my first fictional book in the 1990s, which didn't get finished until 2015! I still can't quite hang up the engineering spurs yet, but I am down to three days a week to make room for writing and travel.

Additional Information

Besides writing, I like to run, bike, and I am a licensed ham radio operator, KB6IC. I am married to my wife of 39 years, Karen, and we live in La Plata, Maryland with three (mybe four) cats. We have two children and one grandson.

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