Lisa Ricard Claro

Atlanta, GA
Editor, Literary Enthusiast, Reader, Writer
Literary Goals:
Continue writing Romance, because I love a good HEA, and branch out into mystery because I also love a good whodunit. I will continue editing novels because I enjoy the work and helping other authors, especially newbies, achieve their goals.

About Me

​Lisa Ricard Claro is a professional editor, award-winning author, and Pushcart Prize nominee with published articles and stories spanning multiple media. She resides in Georgia with her husband of more than three decades and counting, is mother to three (a ruggedly handsome son and two stunningly beautiful daughters—okay, well, ​Lisa might be a little biased), and dreams of one day living at the beach. Seriously dreams of it. As in, she’s already decorating her dream beach house. In addition to an array of sand dollars and seashells, she keeps a framed sign hanging in her office: Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses Welcome Here.

Lisa is also a lover of dogs and cats, and has a heart for rescues. This is why you will find a rescued pet companion in every one of her books. Sometimes they are part of the story line (Pirate the dog, in Love Built to Last), and sometimes they’re already ensconced in their forever home with one of Lisa’s characters (Pavarotti the cat, in Love to Win). As you read Lisa’s books, watch for the rescues!

Additional Information

Though I've published short stories in multiple genres including Horror, Inspirational, and Humor, the Romance genre is my favorite and where I've been the most prolific. The first three novels in my Fireflies series, LOVE BUILT TO LAST, LOVE TO BELIEVE and LOVE TO WIN are available now. I also write for a children's educational market (Darakwon, publisher) and have three books published with two more slated for publication in 2017. For more information about my writing and published work, please visit my author website and blog at For information about my editorial services, visit

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