Joan Mauch

Davenport, Iowa
Literary Goals:
To continue writing novels that resonate with my readers.

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About Me

Ever since I recognized the letter "A" in my mom's newspaper at age five, I have been fascinated with the written word. Secretly wishing to write a book, shortly after college, I decided it was time. After all, I had earned A's in my creative writing classes and everyone told me that I was a good writer. Besides, how hard could it be? I quickly found out there was more to novel-writing than I imagined. After a few pages I gave up and forgot about it. Years went by and then one day I decided to try again. This time I took a course in fiction writing and gave it the sincere effort it deserved. Sixteen years and four published novels later, I have finally realized my life-long dream. I guess a little girl's fixation on the letter "A" wasn't silly after all.

Additional Information

Something of a vagabond, I have lived in four different states, including Washington, Oregon, Illinois and Iowa and worked in a wide variety of jobs and occupations. I've been a teacher, a Realtor, a publicist and most recently a proofreader. I hold a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a master's in urban studies. When I'm not working, writing or mowing the lawn, I'm visiting my photojournalist son in Tampa, Florida.

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