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Born in Washington Heights and raised in the Bronx, Jessica Pena was exposed and inspired by the urban community's diversity in the arts since childhood. Exposed to various genres of music as a young child by her Puerto Rican Mother and Dominican father, she grew a fond fascination for music that kept her artistically inclined to research and create other aspects of art. Her father played at several venues during the 1980's, while competing at various break dancing competitions. Her uncle has been actively creating and playing music as a well established DJ in the Dominican Republic. She also grew more inspiration by both her father and uncle to create music and film.
In High School Jessica Pena was accepted into the Ballet Program at Truman High School. She later transferred into Bread & Roses Integrated Arts High School where she studied Drama, and Chorus. A few years later, she attended Kingsborough Community College where she briefly studied Media Technology for Broadcasting and Film. She later attended The New York City Barrow Group Theater Company where she studied Film and Television Acting with renowned film actress and theater coach Barbara Garrick.

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